At OrderWala, we believe in helping the local communities lead better lives. Leading better lives, we believe, comes not just from being financially adequate, but most importantly from big things like education to small things like awareness of traffic rules, appreciation of basic cleanliness and sanity around where we live (right from drainage system to household waste management), etc.. So, we would like to contribute whatever little we can and in whatever way we can, to help local communities lead better lives and hence partnered with charities local to you. We believe these charities have done/are doing, fantastic job in this space. We will publish the list of charities we have tied up with in this space. In-order to help us raise funds and contribute towards this noble cause, we request you to contribute towards this good cause by rounding off your bill to the nearest Rs. 10 or Rs. 100 and contribute the rounding amount towards charity.

E.g. If your bill amount is Rs. 453, you will have option to round your bill to Rs. 460 or Rs. 500 and contribute Rs. 7 or Rs. 47 respectively towards charity.